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It has come to the Board of Education’s attention that the Sussex Wantage Education Association members are wearing lapel buttons during the school day that say “No Contract, Still Working, Always Caring” – in an apparent attempt to influence students and their parents.  The Board has also learned that Association members are advising parents that the Board of Education refused to make a financial offer to the Association.  Any such statements that the Board refused to make a financial offer are patently false.  In fact, the Board’s Negotiations Team offered the Association a three (3) year contract at three percent (3%) each year with no substantive changes to the parties’ collective negotiations agreement.  Frankly, the Board was stunned to learn that the Association rejected this generous financial offer and is now demanding even higher percentage increases.  The Board’s financial offer is abundantly fair as well as fiscally responsible for the taxpayers of Sussex and Wantage.  The Board and the Association are meeting with a State-appointed mediator on November 29, 2023 and the Board remains hopeful that the Association will be convinced to accept the Board’s reasonable financial offer.