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January 18th UPDATE - Loss of Power CEL - Water

Dear Parents and Guardians of Clifton E. Lawrence School Students,

 This message is to update you on a loss of power and water that the Clifton E. Lawrence School experienced on January 15th. You may recall that the school lost power and well water service for approximately 30 minutes due to a squirrel interacting with power lines. This was a separate incident from last week in which a fuse blew out causing a loss of well water.  Power was ultimately restored and school resumed activities. However, due to the loss of power, length of power outage, and water pressure, we needed to have our water retested in accordance with State regulations. During these circumstances, our results have consistently come back satisfactory and at this time, we have once again received satisfactory test results and resumed normal operations.

Please be aware that the health and well being of everyone at the school is our first priority. Accordingly, at the onset of these issues, we notified the Sussex County Department of Health and State officials to request guidance and oversight in resolving them. They have visited the school and assisted us through this process. Students and staff were provided with bottled water for drinking and hand washing along with hand sanitizer. Our cafeteria staff also modified the lunch menu throughout the process to ensure safety.


Please rest assured that we will continue to work diligently with our engineers to develop long term strategies to address issues of this nature. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused and appreciated your patience.