• Stephen Kronski  Director of Technology
    Jen Armstrong     Administrative Assistant
    Desktop Support Technicians
    Joseph Cimo
    Sean Rogers
    Spencer Sumpman
    John Pearson

    The Sussex-Wantage Regional School District believes that schools must provide optimum technology opportunities for students to learn about the natural world and human global society. To do so means that technology must be integrated across the curricula at all grade levels, and support achievement of the Common Core Standards and NJ Core Content Curriculum Standards. The classroom environment demonstrates a commitment to and daily use of technology, preparing our students to effectively navigate and utilize the digital world.


    The Sussex-Wantage Regional School District implements technology as an integrated tool that maximizes work efforts to enhance learning and teaching. Each student and staff member utilizes technology to access and organize information, plan for the attainment of goals, and increase communication. The SWRD strives to provide the latest technology at a level that is serviceable and supported within staff and budgetary means. This is done on an equitable basis across the district.