• Realtime Notification System

    The district has moved to Realtime Notification as its primary means of communication for school closings, emergencies and general notifications.  You can receive calls, text messages and emails, to multiple contacts.  

    To ensure you continue to receive all notifications (emergency, snow closings, delays and general notifications) please login to your Realtime account to add phone numbers for calls/text messages and email addresses.   

    Go to our website;> Faculty tab; >Realtime

    • Login

    • Hit the Preference wheel in the top right corner of the black bar.

    • Select the “Contact” tab on the left.

    • Update email addresses and phone numbers. If you’d like to receive notifications to your personal email address, add it as email address 2. Leave your swregional.org email as address 1.

    • IMPORTANT; be sure to check the boxes to the left of the email address and phone numbers to ensure receipt of notifications.

    • Hit save when complete.