• "Below is a list of homeroom teachers who are teamed at Wantage School. If your child has been placed in one of their homerooms, they will switch classes during the day to work with their "Team" teacher for either Language Arts or Math. More information about our Teaming Philosophy will be discussed at Back to School Night."
    Third Grade Teams:
    Mrs. Bakker (Math) / Mrs. Lombardi (Language Arts)
    Mrs. Caton (Math) / Mrs. Obrotka (Language Arts)
    Mrs. Consentino (Math) / Mrs. Schnetzer (Language Arts)
    Fourth Grade Teams:
    Mrs. Card (Math) / Mrs. Camarro (Language Arts)
    Mrs. Leanzo (Math) / Ms. Green (Language Arts)
    Mrs. Veltri (Math) / Ms. Orinski (Language Arts)
    Fifth Grade Teams:
    Mrs. Speck (Math) / Mr. Terwilliger (Language Arts)
    Mrs. Williams (Math) / Mrs. McCarthy (Language Arts)
    Mr. Pasake (Math) / Mrs. Longo (Language Arts)