• Sussex -Wantage Care Program


    The Sussex-Wantage Care Program is a non-profit, self-supported tuition based program assessing fees to those using its services.  It is available to resident Sussex-Wantage students in grades K-8, on a FULL TIME basis.  Transportation is provided for our students attending both Lawrence and Sussex Middle School.

    Before Care and After Care are held at the Wantage School and transportation will be provided for students as needed to their appropriate school for classes, and back to Wantage in the PM for After Care. The program includes homework assistance, outside play, and games that encourage cooperative interaction. Our two groups, K-2 and 3-8, are instructed by certified teachers and are age appropriate in structure. Two separate classrooms are utilized. Lawrence School Before and After Care students are escorted to and from the bus each day by a staff member. 

    Morning Care students are dropped off at the Wantage School south playground door. The door person will allow entry and then parents will sign in children. Lawrence School students will be escorted to their bus at 8:20 am to arrive safely at Lawrence School for the start of classes. Sussex Middle School students will go to their bus at 8:10 am.

    All AfterCare students are picked up at Wantage School rear gym doors. AfterCare is open until 6:00 pm. Both Lawrence and Sussex Middle students will be transported to Wantage School where attendance will be taken for security.

    We look forward to an exciting and productive year!

    Questions? Call Allen Terwilliger at 862-268-7420