• The Sussex-Wantage Regional School District offers enrichment opportunities for students in grades K-8.  Students that have demonstrated a higher level of ability and/or achievement than their local chronological peers that score a 30 or above on the district Gifted and Talented rubric will be offered the opportunity to participate.  All gifted and talented curricular modifications and advanced instructional opportunities that are aligned with the NJ Core Learning Standards.

    The following criteria are used to determine eligibility for this program:

    • Teacher Recommendation
    • ELA/Math MAPS Scores
    • DRA Scores
    • SAGES-3 Index Score
    • NJSLA 
    • Academic Grades and Behaviors

    In Grades K-2:   Eligible students are provided independent extension activities. The students will meet with the gifted and talented teacher at the end of MP 2, 3 & 4 share their projects

    In Grades 3-5:  Eligible students meet weekly with the gifted and talented teacher to participate in a variety of hands-on ELA and Math extension activities aligned with the Core Standards.    

    In Grades 6-8   Eligible students are provided core content extension activities aligned with the standards according to their identified areas of strength.

    Complaint Procedure

    If you have any concerns regarding the Gifted and Talented Program that you are unable to resolve you can contact your building Principal or the Superintendent at the numbers below:

    C.E. Lawrence School (973) 875-3175 ext 4536 

    Wantage School (973) 875-3175 ext 4560 

    Sussex Middle School (973) 875-3175 ext 4579 

    District Superintendent (973) 875-3175 ext 4501