Michael Gall, Superintendent

         Brenda VanWarner, Administrative Assistant

    Christina M. Riker, Business Administrator/Board Secretary

         Nancy Sisto, Administrative Assistant

    Victoria Wilson, Director of Special Services

         Joanne Interdonato, Secretary

    Mike Linskey, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development

         Melanie Poust, Secretary

    Frank Pietrowski, Director of Building & Grounds

         Jennifer Armstrong, Secretary

    Stephen Kronski, Director of Technology

         Jennifer Armstrong, Secretary

    CE Lawrence School Principal

         Sue Sisco, Secretary

    Christopher Gregory, Wantage Elementary School Principal

         Barbara Donnelly, Secretary

    Shane Schwarz, Sussex Middle School Principal

         Heidi Watson, Secretary 

    Michael Linskey, Sussex Middle School Vice Principal

         Darcy Barbulescu, Secretary